Meet the Team Valentine’s Day Edition: Dan & Kara Benett

Meet Dan and Kara Benett!  We decided since it’s Valentine’s Day to interview Redwood Curtain Brewing’s happy married couple with part of the interview being a game called Newlyweds!  Read the whole interview to find out how they did!

What is your job at Redwood Curtain Brewing Co. (RCBC)?

Kara: I am one of the lead bartenders for both tasting rooms.

Dan:  I’m one of the brewers and draft techs.

Where did you grow up?

Kara:  In the East Bay area.

Dan:  Walnut Creek, CA

What brought you both to Humboldt County?

Dan & Kara:  We had visited the area before for hiking and camping trips, and we fell in love with the fresh air and wide open spaces.  While we were in Humboldt, we would visit breweries and other beer bars. That is how we found RCBC.  We decided we are too old to live somewhere we don’t like. Ha ha!  So here we are.

What did you do before you started working at the brewery?

Kara:  We were both bartending at different tasting room down in the Bay area.  I was bartending at a brewery...

Dan:  … And I was bartending at a beer and bottle shop; or they preferred to call it a beer cafe.

Kara:  Before I started working for RCBC, I was bartending at local restaurants.  Dan was bartending at RCBC before going into production and we decided long ago that we did not want to bartend together.  So once he moved to brewing, I started pursuing employment in the tasting room, and here I am. It’s nice because we work for the same company with the same goal.

How did you two meet?

Dan:  Mutual friends introduced us…

Kara:  … And we immediately hit it off.

Now it's time to see how well you know each other!  Let the quick game of Newlyweds begin!

What is Kara’s favorite RCBC apparel?

Dan’s Answer:  The grey zip-up hoodie

Correct Answer:  The grey zip-up hoodie


What is Dan’s favorite RCBC apparel?

Kara’s Answer:  Custom Dickie’s button-up

Correct Answer:  Custom Dickie’s button-up


What is Kara’s favorite RCBC beer?

Dan’s Answer:  Miss Blanc’s Teahouse IPA

Correct Answer:  Miss Blanc’s Teahouse IPA

What is Dan’s favorite RCBC beer?

Kara’s Answer:  Miss Blanc’s or Special Bitter

Correct Answer:  P & P Pale Ale

If Kara was an RCBC beer, which one would she be?

Dan’s Answer:  Düsseldorf Altbier, because everyone likes her.

Correct Answer:  Miss Blanc’s Teahouse IPA because it is elegant with a lingering bitterness.  Ha ha!

If Dan was an RCBC beer, which one would he be?

Kara’s Answer:  The Gone to Plaid Triple IPA.

Correct Answer:  The Imperial Golden Ale because I know it so well that I dream about it. It’s pretty much a part of me.

What is Kara’s favorite beer that is not RCBC?

Dan’s Answer:  Femme Fatale Brett from Evil Twin Brewing

Correct Answer:  Femme Fatale Brett from Evil Twin Brewing

What is Dan’s favorite beer that is not RCBC?

Kara’s Answer:  Orval Belgian Ale

Correct Answer:  Rodenbach

What does Kara like to do when she is not working at the brewery?

Dan’s Answer:  Watch British dramas, like Downton Abbey for example.

Correct Answer:  Hike, run, cuddle with pups, camping, and homebrewing.

What does Dan like to do when he is not working at the brewery?

Kara’s Answer:  Homebrew, hike, run, play Xbox, cuddle with dogs, and camping.

Correct Answer:  Hike and take dogs out on walks.

What food would Kara eat for life if she could?

Dan’s Answer:  Cheese plates!

Correct Answer:  Magical cheese sauce that won’t make me gain weight.

What food would Dan eat for life if he could?

Kara’s Answer:  Crispix and milk

Correct Answer:  Crispix

Great job guys!  I would say the score was pretty close!  One last question about yourself...

What do you guys love most about working at RCBC?

Kara:  The environment, the great and loyal customers, being a part of a growing local business.  It’s really cool to see Dan on the other side of the glass in production while I am working.  And all the beers I can try!

Dan:  This business is like a big family and it feels organic here.  And it’s great to be able to grow with the company.