Halloween Candy and Beer Pairings

Your house is probably still filled with candy from the Halloween festivities; you got candy from a work party, your kids’ candy bags, or whatever is leftover that the trick-or-treaters didn’t finish off.  Now what? Why not pair it with a hand crafted beer from Redwood Curtain Brewing Co.!

We tried a few different kinds of your typical Halloween candy with our beers. Not only did we get a slight buzz from the sugar and alcohol, but we were able to find great pairings with beers that we currently have on tap!

Imperial Golden Ale and the Twix and/or Milky Way:

The Twix’s biscuit cookie really highlights the bready notes from the malts in the IGA, while the Milky Way’s caramel compliments the sweetness from the malts.

Belgian Porter and Almond Joy:

The sweetness of the coconut adds to the slight sweet raisin aromas from this beer, with the dark chocolate coating enhancing the chocolate malts brewed in the porter.

Dry Irish Stout and Snickers:

The roasted peanuts of the Snickers candy bar compliments the roasty toasty aromas from the roasted barely malt, while the caramel and nougat highlight the chocolate malts.

Apocalotus India Pale Ale and Starburst:

Whatever flavor Starburst you choose, you will taste the candy store within this beer. The strawberry and cherry Starbursts will enhance the explosive fruit leather aromas, the orange flavor will bring forward the soft creamsicle aromas, and the lemon Starrburst will compliment the bright citrus finish.

Tropical Thunder Double India Pale Ale and Skittles:

The subtle sweetness of this double IPA can be paired with the edible rainbow.  The strawberry and orange flavored Skittles were the best ones though to choose to pair with the mouth watering papaya, guava, and passion fruit aromas of this beer.

Bring in your candy to our tasting rooms or take some of these beers home, and you be the judge. Maybe you will discover a pairing we didn’t. Put your tastebuds to the test!